AmaTherm® is a conductive fabric designed to product electrical resistances capable of producing a diffuse and homogeneous heat on large surfaces. It is composed of a continuous conductive metal wire and from glass filaments with non-textured continuous yarn.

It can be used for a large number of applications, from 12400V and, maintaining its characteristics of electrical insulation, withstands temperatures up to 250°C.

AmaTherm® is able to offer electrical insulation up to +200°C for continuous use. These features make AmaTherm® extremely suitable for use even in the most demanding applications.

Semi-finished products with different degrees of insulation AmaTherm® can be supplied as a simple fabric or can be coupled with different materials to meet different application needs. It can be laminated with silicone rubbers, EPDM or with insulating fabrics, thermal insulation, glass, metal, wood, ceramic, etc.

AmaTherm® is available in various heights of standard fabrics with different electrical characteristics.



Industrial Applications;

IRD Panels for Paint booths: endothermic systems for car paint drying. HT technology: Large panels for drying paint in leather, wood and other materials. Paper processing panels, drying of food products, panels for cooking.

Products for environmental heating;

Heating platforms for workstations, Decopan,Products for environmental heating Decopan Light and DecoRpan – radiant wall panels -, AmaTherm® – radiant fabrics for heating floors, walls and ceilings.

Electrical radiant panels for walls

In traditional heating systems, warm air rises to the top of the room. In this way, if at ground level we have a temperature of 17 degrees Celsius at the top of the room we will have a temperature of 25 to 28 degrees Celsius. Thanks to radiant panels with AmaTherm technology® the comfort temperature is homogeneous and localized where it is needed. Recent studies have shown that within a room heated with a 300 watt Decopan panel the temperature detected at a height of 50 cm from the floor varies by half a degree detected at a height of 2.5 meters above the ground!!! In addition, the AmaTherm® electric radiant heating generates no noise and is free of electromagnetic emissions (DPCM 3/04/92).


The Decopan panels are available with 300 watt and 600watt power with two different sizes and all works at 230Volt – 50 H. Decopan is made with a silver anodized aluminum border and the radiant surface of white color (RAL 9010), and can be placed vertically or horizontally with the support of fastening holes in the back.Decopan in the “Touch” version, equipped with the latest digital thermostat placed on board panel and cable connected to the power grid that can be managed by a thermostat or chronothermal.


All versions of Decopan Light (300 watts or 600 watts) are available in Glass cover with white tempered glass. All models have the LED back lighting on board and can be equipped with a practical and innovative digital thermostat “Touch” of the latest generation that allows you to adjust the desired temperature. It can be positioned vertically or horizontally with the practical fastening holes in the back. A possible wipe holder can be applied in case Decopan Light is used in the bathroom to replace or integrate the existing system. The handy handball accessory can be placed along the profile of the panel at the desired height.


DecoRpan available in different sizes and textures. DecoRpan looks like a painting but, while decorating the environment, it helps to heat it as a traditional source of heat and with considerable energy savings.

The DecoRpan thermal system package consists of a decorative resin cover with high thermal conductivity, the AmaTherm fabric® as a heat source, integrated into an Aeropan insulation panel, a thermal sensor, a transformer, a cable, an ON/OFF switch and a thermostat.